Commercial Carpet Cleaners in Medford OR

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of putting our best foot forward and maintaining a comfortable and welcoming space for our clients and customers to come and see us in. Whether you own or run an office building, or a restaurant your clients and customers judge the integrity of your business based on the first impression they get of your space. Having dirty, stained carpet is the fastest way to send a message that your business is sloppy and careless.

At Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional commercial carpet cleaning services to all business owners of Medford. With specialize training, we use the latest in carpet cleaning equipment and techniques, to make sure that your clients and customers see your absolute best when they come to your space.

Regular building maintenance is important to extending the life of your walls, equipment, and other utilities. It is especially important to extending the life of your carpet. Commercial businesses see a high-volume of foot traffic every day and it is important to make sure that you’re carpeting stands up to the test. Here are some tips for keeping your commercial carpets looking great:

  • Don’t wait until your carpets look dirty. Rather than only cleaning your carpets when you notice staining or, heavy wear be proactive and have your carpets cleaned regularly and on a schedule. If you notice the staining and wear, chances are your customers notice it … and maybe even before you did. Also, only spot cleaning or, having your carpets cleaned when they look like they need it can cause your carpets to wear down quicker, leaving you to have them replaced more frequently. Proactive professional carpet cleaning for your commercial business is much less of an investment in the long-run.
  • Most commercial businesses have either a janitorial or facilities team on staff, or they hire out to a third-party cleaning company. This provides daily maintenance and cleaning of all area of their building. The carpets in commercial businesses need the same kind of care. It is important to have a regular schedule for professional cleaning of your carpets. In fact, it is recommended that the carpets in your business be professionally cleaned at least four times per year. This ensures that the life of the carpets is preserved, and that customers are making a solid and positive impression of your business because your facility is spotless.

If you are a business owner in the Medford area and you need professional commercial carpet cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration. We are proud of our well-earned reputation for providing the latest in commercial carpet cleaning technique, and outstanding service. Trust Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration for all of your commercial carpet cleaning needs, you’ll be glad you did!