Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration in Medford


At Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration we specialize in the safe and thorough restoration of fire damaged properties. As soon as the authorities deem the property safe, our team will come in with state of the art equipment and the latest in fire damage restoration techniques to restore your property to its original state and value.

Not only does the actual fire cause damage to your home but, when fire burns the highly-acidic smoke that it produces corrodes and stains walls, countertops, and flooring. Additionally, the steps taken to extinguish the fire can cause damage.

At Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we focus on restoration from all angles; heat, smoke, and water damage.

In the event that you are faced with the devastating effects of a house fire, call Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services. You will need professional help to repair the damage done by the fire and our team is highly-trained to deal with the special circumstances of these situations.

While there are some things that you can do on your own after a house fire, there are other tasks that should be left to a professional. There are dangerous chemicals and gasses in your home after a fire has burned and special equipment and protective gear is necessary. The team at Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration has the necessary equipment and training to properly manage the job and abide by all regulatory codes and laws.

Often times, there are things that well-meaning home and business owners do after a fire has burned in their building. Unfortunately, these tasks can prove to be risky:

  • Do NOT wipe down any surfaces in your home. This includes: wood trim, walls, and furniture. When you disrupt these surfaces without proper safety equipment, you could inhale dangerous dust particles that contain carcinogens.
  • Do NOT lift, move, sit or lay on upholstered furniture. Upholstery absorbs chemicals and gasses during the fire when rooms fill with smoke and you could have a topical and/or respirator reaction.
  • Do NOT consume any foods that were in your home during the fire. This includes canned and jarred foods.
  • Do NOT turn on any home systems in your house. Things like the heating and air conditioning system, or an alarm system could have been damaged during the fire and might cause an electrical fire or additional damage if they are turned on.
  • Do NOT use any electrical devices until our team deems them safe. Electrical cords are subject to melting and damage during house fires.

An event as devastating as a house fire can leave you feeling vulnerable and lost. Let the experts at Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration work to rebuild and restore your home or business to the safe environment that it was. You can count on us for exceptional customer service and the absolute best in fire damage restoration technique.