Water Damage Restoration in Medford

Water Damage

At Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration we understand how devastating water damage can be, and we work hard to restore your home to its original state and value. Water damage restoration is a delicate process that must be done by experienced professionals to ensure that the water is completely mitigated, and no further damage is done.

Our team at Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration has specialized training in water damage restoration. We use the latest in water damage restoration techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to reduce property destruction and restore your property.

Water damage is often caused by a plumbing malfunction or by a natural disaster. In either case, as soon as you know there is water damage in your home, there are steps that you can take to reduce the amount of damage:

  • Turn off the main water shut-off valve to your home. Everyone in your household should know where this valve is located so, no matter who is home at the time, the valve is immediately turned off.
  • Go to the electrical breaker box and disengage the switches that power the affected areas. Then, unplug and remove all electrical devices from the submerged areas.
  • Lift curtains and draperies up out of the water
  • Remove any papers, potted plants, fabrics, and books off of wet floors

If you have suffered the devastation of a flood in your home, regardless of the cause, contact the team at Pride Carpet and Restoration. We have the experience it takes to restore your home back to “like new” condition.  Often times, we see well-meaning home and business owners make mistakes in an effort to treat their water damage, but only cause more damage. Here are some things that you should avoid doing in the event of water damage in your home or building:

  • Do NOT use the vacuum cleaner. In addition to equipment damage, this can result in electrical shock and injury.
  • Do NOT lay newspaper on the floor to walk on. The ink from newspapers and magazines will transfer onto the wet carpet fibers which could create permanent stains.
  • Do NOT walk on carpets unless absolutely necessary. The weight of foot traffic can squeeze water out of the carpet and into the subfloor, causing more damage.

Flooding inside of your home or business is a nightmare, and the water damage that is left behind can leave your space uninhabitable if not professionally treated. Whether the water damage is in your home, or your business, not being able to use the space anymore would be devastating and life-shattering. You need a professional water damage restoration company that you can trust for thorough restoration services and excellent customer service.

Call Pride Carpet Cleaning and Restoration today to discuss your water restoration needs. Our team will work hard to make sure that you are back in a clean, healthy, and damage-free environment as soon as possible!